Oct 24, 2012

Dustin's Days Of Our Lives Page

The days of our lives are one of the stories that are running for a long time as a weekly episode. This episode runs on the TV from the year 1965. This program is being broadcasted by the NBC television and it has the pride that it is one among the television programs that are running for a long span of time. Thus this story is very popular among the people of US.

I am a person who is very crazy about watching the episodes of the days of our lives.  I like to see the episodes even for the second time and so I searched over the internet for getting the episodes of the program. I got some of the programs but it resulted in vain as I did not get the whole season as a pack. I have also missed some days in those interesting programs so I was badly suffering to see those missed programs. In such case, I could spot the programs of different days but I could not find the exact episode on which I missed out.

My friend who is also a fanatic of this program gave me the link of the dustin's days of our lives page. To my point of astonishment I found the entire episode’s recap of that program in that page. The website has also sorted the episode’s recap as per the date. Thus, it was a very easy task to find the episode which I had missed on a particular date. The site has a huge database of all the episodes that has been telecasted. Thus I studied the recap of the program to know what happened on those days. There were recaps for the older episodes also, when I read them they brushed up the memories of the older episodes in me.

The way of narration in that site was astonishingly amusing as I experienced as if I was watching the program. The site also contains the weekly recap so that if anyone has missed the whole week’s entertainment they need not worry, the recap in this website will explain them clearly about what were the instances that were talking place in this program for this week. After reading the review I got the clear idea of the episodes which is missed. The next point to note was the ordering in that website. The website’s posts are kept in an easy manner so that even the person who is not familiar to the internet can easily access the page and get the information which he needs about this program. Thus, I thanked my friend for giving the link for such a wonderful page which describes clearly about the program. The amazing point was that website also contains the pictures of the program so that as you see that picture you will mostly get the idea what were the events that went on that day. Therefore, it was very useful for my quest of that television program and I recommend that site for other too.

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